Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (E) ( Download ROM and Play di NO$GBA )

Finaly, this game is come out. Kingdom heart re: coded is a game that released on 11 januaries 2011 from square enix in us version. As usual, this game not thoroughly be perfominged at no$gba, so it`s need to patched by software endripts advanced 1.2.

Instruction :

  1. Put rom and file endripts advanced 1.2 in one folder

 2. Open endripts advanced 1.2. exe

3. Press 1 to activate encryption from that game and will be like this 

4.  After patched, open game with NO$GBA

5. change the setting. Go to option -> Emulation setup -> and change Reset/Startup Entrypoint from “start cartridge directly” to “GBA BIOS (Nintendo Logo)”

6. Save option (option -> save option) and then reset. This will make more easier, if you not save the option you must change it again for each play. If any other ROM is crashed with this setting, change it back to “start cartridge directly”

Now you can play. When is there something that still confused, please asked. if i know the answer, i shall answer question.


NB: If you like to request nds roms, please here


4 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (E) ( Download ROM and Play di NO$GBA )

  1. whenever I press 1 I can’t open PatchEngine.da1 so I press cancel and it says game rom image has crashed what to do???

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