Harvest Moon : Tale of the Two Towns (U) ( ROM Download )

HELLOO…… Harvest Moon Lovers !
Finally a new Harvest Moon game was relesed !. I was waiting USA version to come out very long, but finally it released !
This Harvest Moon game was different from the other Harvest Moon game. In this game, we must select one of  two  towns ( Bluebell and Konohana ) !
Bluebell was focused on animal and Konohana on Plants /Vegetables.

Okay… if you impatient, lets download this Harvest Moon game :
Link Download –> Harvest Moon : Tale of the Two Towns (U)
—> Use NO$GBA and NO$Zoomer. But If there is a problem or ‘Crash’, you can download NO$GBA and NO$Zoomer that I`ve modification it :



Use Both Emulator to play it !
Here is the Steps to Open NO$GBA With NO$Zoomer ( If you don`t know ) –> Click Here

Okay.. hope this info is benefit to us !!!!

NB :  If you want to Request some NDS ROMs, go here


96 thoughts on “Harvest Moon : Tale of the Two Towns (U) ( ROM Download )

  1. Oh my gosh!!! you’re definitely my savior!! \(≧∇≦)/
    Now I can finally play this new Harvest Moon without experiencing problems like(the rom image has crashed…blah blah.etc.)
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH (^v^)b esp. for the emulator that you have modified ^O^)

  2. Hello just wanted to say that the link to the edited No$Zoomer and No$GBA no longer works >.< Thank yuu for reading this~ ❤

  3. If the actual doesn’t work then I download the NO$GBA what should I do? I’m new to this download games by myself..

  4. I downloaded it and move it into my NDS R4 card then it says restart the thing cause can’t be save so what should I do? Use NO$GBA? How should I do that? Or is it that this game can’t be play in NDS?

  5. Hi! there, I’ve tried every single thing that you said on this page and It still doesn’t work.
    it still says rom-image crash.
    Please help? Thank you.

    (I’ve even tried the opening no$zoomer then no$gba… Do I need to change the set-up or something :o?)

  6. By the way thankyou for this link 🙂 You helped me a lot. Godbless! It’s our vacation now so this is the perfect time to play this game. !

  7. I’ve been searching for two days for a site that I can actually download this from, and this is the first with a real download link! Thanks. And it works perfectly fine on No$Zoomer/No$GBA for me. No crashes or anything 🙂

  8. Thanks! It worked great by following your instructions. (: I looked through so many links and this is the only one that worked.

  9. Uhmm. Do you have some tips on how to prevent losing your save file.. i’m already on my 27th day of summer and then when i started playing again, my save file was on the 1st day of summer.. help 😦

  10. After it goes ‘insert catridge’ and i press the Harvest Moon.rar folder, it works, and then after a while it says ROM-crashed before the game even started?

  11. Nevermind- it works. I’ve started the game, and i’m onto the bit where it says choose gender. I can use the ‘up,down’ buttons but i can’t select neither male or female? I tried clicking it and pressing enter, but no luck :/

    • sorry for not reply
      for that problem, you can change the control
      If from NO$GBA choose option-> control setup and change the control that you want
      If from NO$Zoomer choose Option -> NO$GBA Settings -> go to control tab
      or Choose NO$GBA -> option -> control setup

      Control to select something is “Button A” (in control setting is “Z”)

  12. i click my rom to autostart the no$zoomer it starts up shows no picture and just stops responding.
    What should i do?

  13. por favor entrem em contato se conseguirem colocar o hm tales no emulador No$gba eu sou louca por hm mas esse n to conseguindo jogar…

  14. Oh man, thank you! I’ve been trying to get this to work for a few weeks now. Had the firmware and everything, but there was still a miscommunication somewhere. This fixed it right up!

  15. Okay i’m going to keep it short and simple, I LOVE U, OK?!!
    i’ve literally gone bananas looking for this and then like a shining thread of hope i tried ur modified emulators and WALA!~ works like magic~!vTwTv
    Really many thanks for bringing us joy 😀
    and umm..do u mind if i spread the word about it if anyone asks?<.<
    one more last thing, is there a way to save the game in the mid of playing? or should i wait till i sleep and end the day? cuz even if i did save it whilst playing it keeps loading from the beginning of the day…=.=
    Thanks again and sorry for bothering ^^;;

  16. hi i love that i finally can get this, but when ever i open NO$Zoomer it opens up some adobe flash thing. what do i do?

  17. Hey, I always saved when sleeping, but when i restart the game it says that there is no saved game, I only have the new game option. I read the comments and I found the .sav file but I don’t really know what to do so I can get my game back, and how to save my games properly. Thanks 🙂

  18. Hey thanks for those uploads first 😀

    But… i opend NO$Zoomer first and than No$GBA then the rom, and it says No$GBA does not work, it will look for a solution…

  19. he says to me the No $ GBA does not work anymore when I try to open it. I first opened the NoZoomer and then the No $ GBA and when I tried to open the game, the emulator does not work anymore

  20. Hello, I tried downloading the link for no$gba and no$zoomer. but there’s always pop ups and when I typed in the verification code it says that the code is wrong. I’ve tried this lots of times, pls help I really want to play this game :/

  21. Omg! I have no words! Thank you very much. I was playing this game in a crappy emulator, I don’t know how I make it work, but it was just too slow.
    But now is perfect. Thanks!

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