Pokemon Black 2 (U) and White 2 (U) Download ROM


   Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 is the next version of Pokemon Black and White. It still in Unova Region, but it has many changes, like Gym Leader, some new areas, Team Plasma, etc. The Main Legendary Pokemon of this game is Kyurem, which it can be fusion with Zekrom ( Black Kyurem ) and Reshiram ( White Kyurem ). The main character is new too. The Adventure begin 2 years after the previous version.

OK, That was short story of this game.
Here is how to play it in EMULATOR :

        1.        Download The ROM
=> Pokemon Black 2(U)
=> Pokemon White 2 (U)

( I`m sorry, I can`t give the direct link because it always deleted, so I give you the .torrent file )

Note: Go here if you want to download torrent with IDM (Internet Download Manager) HERE

2.       Insert this Action Replay
=> Here

3.      Download WinDS Pro Here

=>Here the steps<=

  1. Install WinDS Pro
  2. Extract the Game ( ROM)
  3. Open WinDs Pro and choose NO$GBA->NO$Zoomer
  4. picturesSelect the game ( ROM ). Wait till open
  5. There will be Error Screenerror6.Insert Action Replay ( Press F2 ) then reset the game7. When The game is begin, activate EX5 ( Other->EXTRA->EX5 ) to bypass the title screen

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