Harvest moon : Tale of Two Towns (English)

HELLOO…… Harvest Moon Lovers !
Finally a new Harvest Moon game was relesed !. I was waiting USA version to come out very long, but finally it released !
This Harvest Moon game was different from the other Harvest Moon game. In this game, we must select one of  two  towns ( Bluebell and Konohana ) !
Bluebell was focused on animal and Konohana on Plants /Vegetables.

Okay… if you impatient, lets download this Harvest Moon game :
Link Download –> Harvest Moon : Tale of the Two Towns (U)
—> Use NO$GBA and NO$Zoomer. But If there is a problem or ‘Crash’, you can download NO$GBA and NO$Zoomer that I`ve modification it :



Use Both Emulator to play it !
Here is the Steps to Open NO$GBA With NO$Zoomer ( If you don`t know ) –> Click Here

Okay.. hope this info is benefit to us !!!!

NB :  If you want to Request some NDS ROMs, go here


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