Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (English)

Finally, the game is released. Kingdom Heart Re: Coded is a new released on 11 January 2011 from Square Enix in the English version. As usual, the game is not fully playable in NO$GBA, it needs to be patced with software Patch eNDriptS Advanced 1.2. If not,  maybe there will be error.


Download ROM here
Download eNDriptS Advanced 1.2
Download NO$GBA and NO$Zoomer


1.Put the ROM and the file eNDriptS Advanced 1.2 In a folder
2. Open eNDriptS Advanced 1.2. exe
3. Press 1 to enable the encryption of the game
4. After the patch, open the game file that has been in the patch it, then press -> Options -> Emulation Setup -> and change the “Start cartridge directly” into “GBA BIOS (Nintendo logo)”
5. Save option (Option -> Save option) and then reset
6. Now you can play.

When something is still confusing, please ask. If I knew the answer, I’ll answer that question.


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