Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Sign (English)


Finally Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Sign is released. Game this one is very exciting. I play this game too. Maybe many people who play Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Sign in NO$GBA but can not, or only until the Celebi event at the Old Mansion after that is freezes, so many questions “How do I play it on NO$GBA ?”, many people use this emulator because if you use this emulator, the speed will be stable and maximal . But don`t worry, I have a trick to play it until end.

This is the requirement: 

Download NO$GBA and NO$Zoomer
Download NO$GBA components and Firmware here 
Download DeSmuME 
Download ROM here. If you already have, do not download

How to Play:

1. Extract NO$GBA and NO$Zoomer in one folder
2. Extract components and firmware NO$GBA into NO$GBA folder
3. Open NO$Zoomer and select NO$GBA
4. Once open, select the ROM (Pokemon Ranger: Guardian sign) and play it

After arrived at Old mansion and beat Meganium, when you exit from Old Mansion suddenly appeared Celebi and invites you into the past. At that moment the screen went black and the game will stop (freeze). But there are way more …

How to Play Part 2: 

Extract DeSmuME into a folder. Extarct recommended to the correct place. If you place it somewhere else (desktop, etc) and then move it again, you must change the path settings by:
~ Open DeSmuME

~ Go to tools -> path settings -> change it to where you put DeSmuME

1. Open the folder NO$GBA -> Battery
2. Search (file name). SAV from the game then copy
3. Open the folder and paste DeSmuME
4. Change the name (file name). SAV to (file name). DSV
5. Play Event on DeSmuME
6. After the event was over, save, then exit
7. Search (file name). DSV from this game then copy
8. Open NO$GBA folder -> Battery -> Paste
9. Congratulations to play again until satisfied

That is trick to play Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Sign in NO$GBA. If there is something please ask

NB: If you want to request ROM NDS, please come here


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