Pokemon Soulsilver and Heartgold

For all who love Pokemon game must know Pokemon SoulSilver & Pokemon HeartGold. The game is played onNintendo DS (NDS). But you can play this game on your computer using NO$GBA Emulator. Currently playing on NO $ GBA, you may only see the intro course, after press the start button black screen appear (freeze). But do not worry, there are ways to play this game until finish / end. If you want to know about pokemon natures and its effect, you can read my post about pokemon natures

This how to do it :

  1. Download NO$GBA here (If want a larger screen, you candownload NO$Zoomer here)
  2. Download ROM Pokemon SoulSilver or HeartGold
  3. Add this Action Replay

020DE16C E1A00000

020D3FA8 E1A00000

How to Play:

1. Open NO$GBA.

2. Select and open the ROM (SoulSilver orHeartGold)

3. When open, enter the Action Replay (Utility -> Cheats -> Add new, or by pressing F2 -> Add new) .

4. Thick “Action Replay DS” -> OK

5. Activate the Action replay (click 2x ) -> OK

6. Reset ROM

7. Now you can play this game until the finish / end.

NB: Turn on the Action Replay if you will play. If not, it will freeze again.

Well, that’s the way to play this game. The reason I use NO$GBA because it has maximum speed to play NDS games. If you have questions or work, please comment. 🙂

Update : If steps above doesn`t work, change the emulation setup for NO$GBA like this picture


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